About POP Goes Your Name

POP Goes Your Name is a family run and inspired company founded by musicians & parents Lucy and Richard Patterson. The album began life as songs sung to their first-born Noah. Due to positive critical response from their five month old, they then went on to record and make “The Noah Album” which became a lifesaver for long car journeys and the soundtrack to many nappy changes, mealtimes, bathtimes and bedtimes.

After requests for personalised versions from friends and family, they decided to expand their name coverage to the top 800 UK names. Tucked away in a studio in Hertfordshire, they collaborated with many musicians, the finest glockenspiel player in the land, a quality control panel with an average age of three and producer Lorenzo to create the collection of songs.

The ever growing coverage of names meant that the process took some time, but Lucy & Richard are happy to now present the finished album and hope that you enjoy hearing it as much as they enjoyed creating it!


"My one year old loves the album, especially Wiggle Time! He knows all the moves."
Kat, Leeds, mother of Jack aged 1

"The album has been a lifesaver for car journeys, we don't go anywhere without it playing!"
Vikki, Darlington, mother of Emily aged 4 and Oscar aged 1