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The POP Goes Your Name album is a collection of fun and upbeat songs all written for your someone special.

Children can experience a selection of musical styles, with catchy melodies and sing-along lyrics whilst hearing their own name featured in every song.

The album contains songs written for children in their early years. From Noisy Farm to Rock it Out, the songs are full of themes and sounds that children can recognize and understand and are guaranteed to get mum & dad’s feet tapping too!

Don't worry if you can't find a specific spelling of a name, we will ask for the exact spelling for the packaging before you go to checkout.


"My one year old loves the album, especially Wiggle Time! He knows all the moves."
Kat, Leeds, mother of Jack aged 1

"The album has been a lifesaver for car journeys, we don't go anywhere without it playing!"
Vikki, Darlington, mother of Emily aged 4 and Oscar aged 1